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Translation of Sensibility Dictionary "LIE" credit by saturn.@soompi
Yong Hwa
Recently, my parents call and ask me often, “Do you have anything hard? Are you alright?”
Then I always answer, “No, nothing is hard. Things are going well always, you don’t need to worry about me.”
Although I have hard things, that’s what I myself have to overcome. So I will keep saying so.

Jung Shin
People tell a lot of lies. It is said lie is bad, but in some case, there is a good lie. There is a bad lie, if the lie is to deceive and hurt someone. But if you tell a lie to care for someone, it would be good to you as well as that person.

Jong Hyun
Lie….. difficult. There are many kinds of lies, lie of good will, lie of bad will. There must be a lie somewhere in our life. If we don’t tell a lie at all, we all must be really in trouble. (can’t read clearly, will be added later)

Min Hyuk:
When you’re young, you must experience of being scolded by parents or others because you told a lie. I have such experience, so I am trying not to tell a lie. Sometimes I need to tell a lie for good will, but if I use it to run away from my responsibility, I should not do that. If I say “I don’t tell a lie.”, it must be a lie. But anyway I hate lie. I want to live hard without a lie.

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