[ SCAN ] CN BLUE Chatroom in EPOP Magazine (Malay Version) September Issue


EPOP : When you in school , did a girl waiting for you at the school gate??  

Jonghyun: No~ girls just say "Hi" when they saw me ,   but there was once, i have heard they called me handsome when i'm playing the game at game room ( Laughing )

Yonghwa : Bad~ many girls from primary to secondary said they disappoint to see my face T.T

EPOP: Do you are a person who love photography??

Jungshin : Yup~ My uncle is a photographer , i'm always play around with his camera when i was a kid. My fans know that i love photograpy they give me lots of photography book , When i have a free time ,i will lying down on my bed and read those photography book , I really enjoy reading all the books because they have very interesting knowledge.

EPOP: How do you feel as maknae? 

Minhyuk : Jungshin and me is the maknae of cn blue , we always heard people talking about us , but lately i'm a little bit envy with Jung shin because fans love him more than me..haha!

EPOP : What is your dream when you were kids?

Jong hyun : When i was kid, i have learn taekwando and judo, Although i want to be an athlete , but then i had change my mind because i wanna be popular! so i have determined to be a singer since then..

 Min hyuk : When I was in kindergarten, I wanted to be a baseball player because at that time, baseball player was a popular career! When in high school, I started to love music but when my parents know about that, they disagree me to learn music. Thus, I didn’t put so much hope to be a singer until one day, I said these matters seriously again to my parents and they allowed me to join the band.

Yong hwa : i love to mimic the style of foreign singers since i'm in primary school.at that time i love to sing NSYNC song!!

EPOP: As a leader, what is your first impression to the other members?

Yonghwa : Firstly, Minhyuk looks like a nerd student because he was wearing school uniform, erm… Jonghyun looks like a Busan boy, who was waiting for a train in Seoul and he was not so good in dressing himself, while Jungshin looks a little bit fierce.. hehe!

Scan & Posted by : ninie@cnbluebeat
 Eng Translation by : ninie@cnbluebeat

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