[ PRESSCON ] CNBLUE members expose each other’s secrets 23.09.2010

Korean boy band CNBLUE visit Taiwan for the first time. A press conference was held today to celebrate their new album winning double platinum. And the members played quick question and answer game. Leader Jung Yonghwa exposed his bandmates’ secrets and made fans laugh out loud.

It’s CNBLUE’s first visit to Taiwan. They play quick quiz in the press conference this afternoon, members joke about others, exposing little secrets. Bassist Lee Jungshin is asked how he feels about the other members. He says guitarist Lee Jonghyun has a bright personality. As for Kang Minhyuk, he doesn’t has special feelings for they have been good friends.
Lee Jungshin says Jung Yonghwa is just like his hyung. Before he can continue, Jung Yonghwa explains his answer. He says Lee Jungshin's saying this means he just doesn't have any charm. He tells Lee Jungshin, "I didn't have much feelings about you when I first saw you anyway, except that you're tall!"

Jung Yonghwa is known to be fashion-trend sensitive and so is asked which member spends most time dressing up before going out. Jung Yonghwa says he considers much even picking a matching accessory, but he isn't the one who spends most time. He reveals that though Lee Jonghyun doesn't bother to choose outfits and stuff, he is always the one who gets ready the latest.

CNBLUE are asked which member cries most often. All agree that Minhyuk does. They say for most people, if one knocks one's foot at a table leg accidentally and feels hurt, one would just hold the foot and shout a bit. But Kang Minhyuk will go lie on his bed and cry as he complains about the pain. Kang Minhyuk rebuts that it's not that he likes crying, it's just that his tears just flow out naturally.

* minhyuk always crying? aigoo..my lovely dracula..nunna here for u kkk*

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