[ NEWS ] Jung YongHwa uses the bathroom to escape from his fans

CNBLUE leader Jung Yonghwa left Taiwan early in the morning and his waiting room was surrounded by a large number of fans, he went to the toilet twice. Meanwhile The other three members came back to Korea yesterday.

Because the flights were all full. Yonghwa had to take the early flight causing hundred of fans chasing him at the airport. He was still smiling. After that, he and his manager was in the airport’s waiting room. On the same plane he was surrounded by fans. He couldnt help to hide in the male toilet because of panic.

Last night, CNBLUE celebrates at Japanese resto. Minhyuk said in Chinese “I miss everyone!” SELF: I like quiet and talented girls.” Then Yonghwa on the side pretended to be a “feminine” causing the people to laugh so hard.

* hmm scary..poor leader... *
Source : TW Yahoo News
Translated by Euni@cnbluestorm
Poste by : omonOona@cnbluestorm
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