[News] Jung Yonghwa, took a picture sitting next toUeno Juri, not Seohyun! Love triangle?

CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa met his ideal woman, Japanese Actress, Ueno Juri.

Following the preview from the last episode, this coming Sept 11 episode of WGM will broadcast the surprised meeting of Jung Yonghwa - Seohyun Yongseo couple with Ueno Juri.

Ueno Juri who played in the movie such as 'Swing Girls', 'Nodame Cantabille' has a lot of fans in country. Jung Yonghwa also revealed that Ueno Juri was his ideal woman in a certain radio program.

That day Ueno Juri appeared in front of the Yongseo couple as an assistant sushi chef. Although it was she, herself, who was in front of them, the Yongseo couple who never expected to meet the actress, could not recognize her for quite a while.

Afterwards, Jung Yonhwa and Seohyun invited Ueno Juri to the couple's home and spent a great time together. The fact that the actress knew CNBLUE and SNSD songs surprised many.

Would Jung Yonghwa be able to keep his image as a married man in front of his ideal woman Ueno Juri? Check it out in the Sept 11 WGM episode at 5.15pm.

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source: dkpopnews
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