[News] Jung Yong Hwa to Cast for Korean Drama 'Cinderella'?

Location in Toyohashi City between March to June next year.

Located in Toyohashi between March to June, the famous “All In” actress, Song Hye Kyo, will play a major role in Korean drama, “Cinderella”. Hereafter, the exact location will be determined.

To improve the promotion activity that is focused inHamamatsu Mikkabichou Hotel’s “Hamana Lakeside Plaza”, it has been decided to set the film aroundHamana Lake and Toyohashi.

The casting has not been finalised yet, but it is predicted that ex-DBSK member Kim Jae Joong, Jung Yong Hwa,and Kim Hyun Joong will cast in this drama.

The story is about a 30-year-old money-oriented woman who “attacks” the son of a conglomerate that is visiting South Korea.

The location will take place in South Korea from December 2010 to February 2011, then in Japan from March to June 2011. The exact location in Toyohashi has not been determined yet, but it is predicted that they will choose trams and other locations. The broadcast will start on May 2011 in Korea, then in Japan and Asia.

Source : dkpopnews
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