[NEWS] Jung Shin Past Graduation Photos

C. N. Blue’s bassist Lee Jung Shin’s past photos has been simmering interest amongst netizens.

Recently on an online community open board, a few photos of Lee Jung Shin’s old childhood graduation were uploaded.

His cute smile and cropped hair style is earning him the nickname ‘goddess‘, despite his manly image on stage. It also seems he was fond of the Sesame Street character Elmo.

Fans who have seen this replied with, “When he was younger, he possessed cute charms, but now he’s hold the beautiful charm”, “Jung Shin is a guy who looks like a chameleon”, “Not only does he have the pretty and delicate look, but also a manly one too.”

(note : awwww jungshin~ah you look so goddess now XD jungshin with elmo remembered me minhyuk with his elmo.. XD)

credit :
news & photo by hanguk kyungjae news
shared by akp
posted by naz @cnbluebeat

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