[NEWS] CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa and Calvin Chen were once a pair of lovers?

Fans long awaited "South Korea's chief stylish male band" CNBLUE specially chose to visit Taiwan during the Mid-Autumn Festival, spending the Mid-Autumn together with Taiwanese fans. As soon as the CNBLUE members stepped off the aeroplane, although it was nearly 10PM at night, they still professionally headed straight to MTV JKPOP's recording studio. Originally there was an authentic Mid-Autumn barbecue planned, however CNBLUE's amazing charms triggered a large number of fans around to watch. In fear of causing a riot and impacting the surrounding residents, the plan had to be cancelled reluntantly, which was a pity for CNBLUE and the fans present.

Although there was no barbecue, the producers still prepared pomelos for the occasion. The mischievous CNBLUE members one by one drew on the pomelos, and signed them with their autograph to present to JKPOP for lucky fans. JKPOP's host Calvin Chen teasingly said that, although it is his first time meeting CNBLUE, however because their news are often broadcast, it feels as though they are old friends that have known each other for long. CNBLUE also immediately expressed that Calvin Chen looked very familiar, both sides quickly building up a bridge of friendship. Because of South Korean drama You're Beautiful, Yong Hwa has become very popular, so the host asked for a demonstration of sexy acting on the spot, preparing a feast for fans' eyes. Calvin Chen, who had previously acted in idol dramas, itched to show of his skills on the spot too, requesting to act together with Yong Hwa in a passionate scene as lovers, who have not seen each other for a long time, meeting on the street by chance and embracing deeply. The two that like to act were really into the acting, causing the CNBLUE members and staff on site to laugh!

Since it's the rare chance that CNBLUE visit Taiwan, the host prepared photos of a number of Taiwanese female stars as an unavoidable custom, asking CNBLUE to choose the ones they admire. If you want to know which female stars CNBLUE picked, as well as Yong Hwa's driving test embarassment, the members exposing secrets, and also Calvin Chen teaching everyone to sing 'Super Hot', leading CNBLUE to be dumbfounded, and other spectacular content, please watch MTV JKPOP on 18th and 19th October!

T/N: 'Super Hot' is Fahrenheit's new single.

Source : MTV Taiwan & Code Azzuro
Credit Translation: milkystars @ Code Azzurro
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