[ NEWS ] CNBLUE Japan 2nd Single Release Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka Tour are big success

On September 16th, CNBLUE's long-awaited 2nd single 'I don't know why' was released, and together with that a Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka Tour was held. The tour was held on September 16th at Osaka Nanba Hatch, September 18th at Nagoya Bottom Line, and lastly on September 20th at Tokyo Shibuya-AX.

There was an interview before the live about the 2nd single. "While we had our activities in Korea, we were working on and made this single. 'Lie' and 'I don’t know why' have different cool feelings compared to our other songs until now; we want to express masculine vigor, to capture each of our delicate different styles. Lately Jung Yong Hwa started to try to insert synthesizer sounds and also many new experiments. So, these are songs that give feelings of various possibilities, and many feelings of love", they answered with confidence.

'I don't know why' is an indies song, and it left a good result by ranking 7th on the Oricon Chart. "We were also surprised by that result, we were really pleased with this great result, and think that this is the result that we received from our hard work". Then about their plans for the future, they talked about their ambitions: "First we want to put out our strength to make a new album, the Japan activities that are in our minds now are also important, so we want to be able to perform better live".

This is the first time their tour was held in three national places, Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka but "not only Tokyo, we are also glad that we can have lives in other cities. We were very impressed that we were welcomed in Nagoya and Osaka too. The live was fun, and also osukiyaki and takoyaki in Osaka were delicious. On our first visit in Nagoya, we ate Hatsumabushi. Hatsumabushi was eaten at three different times, but for each of the three times, the taste was different and delicious. We would like to stay in Nagoya and Osaka too", they talked about their joyful memories.

"Now there are challenges in various genres of music. We are exploring something new in our styles, and from now on we want to find it. Please keep looking forward to us in the future", they said with enthusiasm.

Then, we asked them what would they do if they had a day off tomorrow. They answered one by one: (Kang Min Hyuk) "Because I have many memories in Shibuya, I want to go shopping and walk in the streets that I used to walk when I was studying abroad", (Jung Yong Hwa) "I want to eat gyudon in the morning, to shopping in Harajuku in the afternoon, and perform street lives in the evening", (Lee Jung Shin) "I want to lie and sleep in the sofa all day, eat gyudonburi, then watch my favorite drama and anime", (Lee Jong Hyun) "I want spend that day going to the LiveHouse that we used to perform lives at when we were studying abroad, then after the live, I want to eat my favorite ramen".

Meanwhile, tickets for the live performance at 6:00 pm were sold out as soon as the sales began. The standing hall was really crowded and stuffy.

"During the live in June, Yong Hwa, whose physical condition was down, could not give all of his best, so today is the "revenge". In this live, CNBLUE will show all released songs", he said, and the hot live was held.

Before debut, CNBLUE who were trained and performed street lives, said that "We want to do street lives again!" Also on September 28th it was reported that a live for fan-club members only had been decided.

CNBLUE fans are increasing rapidly, even some people wish that their lives are held in a large venue. They desire to work on mainly performing lives, that capitalize their band's special quality. From now on, it seems like the struggle between fans to get live tickets will continue.

Tokyo = Nozaki Tomoko, the correspondent.

Source: Chosun Online & Code Azzuro
Translation: AzureAoi @ CodeAzzurro
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