[NEWS] "CN Blue’s fan signing event provoked 1500 fans into riot "

In the Korean drama “You’re Beautiful” Jung Yonghwa played Shinwoo. JYH and CN Blue held a fan signing event yesterday. The members says “Hello everybody! We are CN Blue” in unison and in Chinese. However, the limit for the fan signing is only 200 and 1500 fans stumbled at the scene.
They arrived during Mid-Autumn festival. More than 800 fans made a special trip to the airport just to see them. Yesterday at the fan signing event, there were a lot of screaming and people who were just a passer by cant help but to peek at the event.

“Like Delicious Beef Noodles”
The fan signing event was opened to 200 fans only but there are more than 1500 fans. Fans queued up during the heavy rain. Leader JYH said, “To see many fans, I feel so great” Jungshin also said in Chinese, “I love you” and Jonghyun said, “Beef noodles is delicious”

Last night, they were at the Super King Show as well.MH recommended the challenge of fishing for goldfish game. JYH said that TW’s variety show was so funny. Jacky Wu is a funny person. Tonight at 7.30 PM they will be having their concert at NTU

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