[NEWS] 800 Fans Screamed for CN Blue’s arrival

The very renowned boy band CNBLUE arrived at Taiwan last night and attracted more than 800 fas to wait for them at the airport. The crowd caused riots there and the 4 boys also waved hands to their fans. This is the first time that they come to Taiwan together, after they had their Korean styled food at hotel, they then went to different activities.

Leader Jung Yonghwa has suddenly become very popular in Taiwan for the drama ‘You are beautiful’ and he is also very well known in other parts of Asia. The four boys who come here the 1st time are going to hold their signing event and showcase this Saturday. They were wearing dark colored clothes when they arrived at the airport last night. As soon as they showed up, fans started screaming crazily. Their fans even surrounded their van for the sake of getting a few more glimpses of their idols. Finally, the airport had to assign 60 volunteers and security guards to keep the order.

On the other hand, another idol group F. CUZ has gone to Thailand for a charity show. They had played with the kids in the orphanage and gave the kids gifts and snacks which they had received from the fans. They have not had the chance to celebrate the Mid- Autumn festival with their family members for 3 years already but they could finally do so this year.

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