More News about CN BLUE in Taiwan ( 23.09.2010 )

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23 Sep 中國時報

Korean Pretty boy band CNBLUE arrived on 22nd Sep Night, over 800 fans welcomed them at the airport. Some fans even hit the idol van's window hysterically, the airport police had to step in to control the situation.

They filmed MTV "日韓音樂瘋" last night, and spent the Mid Autumn Festival BBQ-ing with Fahrenheit's Chen Yi Ru. CNBLUE will be having their fansign at Xi Men Ding tmr, only 200 fans will get the sign. They've already started queueing 3 days ago.

They sure are workaholics (or maybe FNC, instead), work without resting. sigh.
Hopefully they had fun bbq-ing too!


23 Sep 聯合報╱文/江芷稜

CNBLUE put on make up while eating their korean dinner, and quickly rushed down to MTV studio for recording all the way until 11.30 pm at night, rather professional.

Wow, put on make up while eating dinner... Can't they eat peacefully?
Hopefully they don't overwork themselves!

23 Sep 蘋果日報 CNBLUE Slept away 930000 TWD (SGD40000)

CNBLUE is staying in a TWD58000 suite for 5 days 4 nights, sleeping away TWD930000 (SGD40000).

After they arrived, they went to record "綜藝大國民" immediately.
Yong Hwa expressed that he was glad to see everyone.

They are going to hold their press conference at their hotel today.  

WOW! The taiwan hosts are indeed making sure CNBLUE has an excellent hotel stay.

Good that they are so nice to CNBLUE, hopefully CNBLUE's event will be succesful!

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