Juri Ueno made a surprise appearance on the upcoming episode of We Got Married.

This Japanese award-winning actress met CNBLUE’s Yonghwa and SNSD’s Seohyun and spent some time all together. She was in Korea recently to promote her new movie Nodame Cantabile: The Movie II and We Got Married set up the meeting because Yonghwa picked her as his ideal type and Seohyun was a fan of the movie Nodame Cantabile I.

The YongSeo couple was more than surprised to see Juri Ueno but that didn’t get in the way of them having a good time together.

Juri Ueno said,

I was happy to meet both of them at once. I won’t forget this even after I return to Japan.”

Poor Seohyun, what girl wants to hang out with their husband and his ideal type?

Wonder about Seohyun feeling ^ ^. I think WGM PD want to make the shot as part to make Seohyun jealous towards Yonghwa and his ideal type Juri Ueno >_<. Since all this while we only see Yonghwa jealous reaction but maybe this time we can see his wife reaction?

Source : Allkpop
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nAz said...

I don't think so Seohyun will be jealous because she loves Ueno Juri very much also! But yeah, maybe just a tiny bit of jealousy might be happen. keke After all, they will be the happiest couple because can get to meet their favourite. Yonghwa with the his ideal type and Seohyun with her forever Nodame favourite ^___^

MY HEART said...

Naz biased ^ ^,

Doesn't matter she loves Ueno Juri very much as a Nodame favorite but in the married relationship, if u realized that ur husband type was a girl u loves and admire so much then more or less a bit jealousy feeling was there >_<.