[INFO] CNBLUE Tokyo Concert to broadcast on MNET

CNBLUE 2nd SIngle Release Live Tour
Listen to the CNBLUE premier program will broadcast on Saturday, November 6th at 11pm-12am (60min)
Repeat: Thursday, November 9th, 12.00am-01.00am; Wednesday November 10th, 3.00pm-4pm

★Love Me ! idol★

MNET Exclusive Broadcast
The talented handsome band who receive hot attention, CNBLUE's Japan Concert Exclusive Broadcast.
Since 2009 they have done live street and club performances more than 100 times in Japan and as an Indie, they have released 2 mini albums.
In January 2010 they successfully fulfilled their desire to debut in Korea. Before their major debut, they had shown hot performances in Japan; this year's spotlight is on the No.1 talented Ikemen (handsome) band, CNBLUE.
Jung Yonghwa who is in charge of the vocals and guitar, became famous for his appearance as one of the main cast in the popular drama 'You're Beautiful'.

Mnet Exclusive Broadcast of their Tokyo live performance last September.
Do not miss the spectacular stage of CNBLUE who will charm you with their sweet mask and catchy melody.

From the recording of: 20 September 2010 @ Shibuya AX hall

Source: Mnet Japan
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