[ FANCAM ] "Jonghyun is Yonghwa" at Daejeon Hana Green Concert 04.09.2010

[ REVIEW from saturn.@soompi ]

MC was reading fans' placards. "What is 'Jong Hyun is Yong Hwa's'? Is Jong Hyun Yong Hwa's?" Jong Hyun held Yong Hwa's shoulder with his right arm. Yong Hwa made shy face
(They are even enjoying it)

* it's totally short fancam...but i'm happy to see Jonghwa couple is back..auuw Hyunnie so romantic & Yong is blushing!!! super cute...kkkk *

Thanks for chiara@twitter for the tips
Credit to : cnbluesoul@yt
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lilyflower said...

aiiiiigooooo this is SUPPPEERR cuuteeeeeee. Hehehehee :'D