[FANACCOUNT] CNBLUE @ MBC Incheon Branch Opening

Rain Blue~
It rained again today. It began to rain when CNBLUE come on the stage, and stopped just after CNBLUE's performance.
It was exactly same as Chun Cheon yacht festival on Aug.28. It rained at Korean wave concert, three days in a row till today.
It is because two of them love rain, Yong Hwa and Min Hyuk.

Are your area suffering from drought? Call CNBLUE!

Yong Hwa played fun during the performance.
When Jong Hyun sang 'Still you seem to run to me if I call you' Yong Hwa ran to Jong Hyun

They hardly made up today, especially no eye line, wore just white shirt and jean pants, looked fresh.
(If they had not worn inner shirt, it would have been better.)

fancam is million times better than MBC camera.

Today Yong Hwa filmed something at a sushi restaurant. Don't know what it was.

These days, Yong Hwa loves star shape so much. Star printed shirts, caps and earings.
That silver star earing is fan's present, he wore them so often these days.
Star is trend of Givenchy 2010 S/S season. Givenchy is one of Yong Hwa's favorite brend.
And I found leopard is a trend of 2010 fall/winter season. Yong Hwa is a real fashion leader.

Park Ji Young, stylist of CNBLUE
(I've seen her at MUZIT BTS videos. She was chatting with Jung Shin.)
She said, Yong Hwa knows names of designers, brend, fashion show news very well.
And all four are interested in fashion a lot, so they love to study sponsored clothes at photo taking place.
She said she has one hope that CNBLUE members have wider shoulder.

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fanaccount by saturn. @soompi cnblue
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mia said...

ada kelas cenggitu yonghwa! ehhehe.. y must have wider shoulder? o_O.. didn't get that part.