[ FAN ACCOUNT ] CN BLUE at Daejeon Hana Green Concert 04.09.2010

[ Review from saturn.@soompi about Daejeon Green concert ]

( 1 ) Today 4 September 2010 at Daejeon Hana Green concert, Yong Hwa said there would be a concert in Korea again at December.
This time it will be seated, not standing.
Korean fans are too much excited to hear this news.

- At I'm a loner, Yong Hwa singing "Rather, if you had talked to me frankly~", pointed Jong Hyun.
Jong Hyun bursted into laughter. (What happened to Yong Hwa these days?)

- At the first part of Love light, Jong Hyun was singing, acoustic guitar plays 'pam pam pam pam'
Jung Shin sang "pam pam pam" showing both palm to audience, it was so cute. People screamed and Yong Hwa was surprised.

- In the middle of Love light, Yong Hwa turned mic to the audience. people sang loudly.
But Yong Hwa said "You guys seemed to be confused the lyric!"

- Yong Hwa sang the last part of love light in trot style. (so funny)

- MC asked Min Hyuk that who has the best appearance from behind. Min Hyuk answered that it's definitely Jung Shin when he shakes his body at metal part of LOVE.

- Because of this word, later when they sang LOVE, Jung Shin shook his body so hard. Yong Hwa and Jong Hyun (and fans as well) laughed so hard to see him.

- When Min Hyuk and Yong Hwa said they would have concert at December, Jong Hyun made 1 and 2 with his fingers (cute)

- This was a green concert, they were supposed to read some message of environmental protection. But the MC repeated telling CNBLUE is handsome, he forgot it.

- At Black flower, Jung Shin was doing rap, Yong Hwa went to Min Hyuk and did eye-contact. Min Hyuk was singing all of the rap part!

Conclusion: CNBLUE guys were so much excited and cheerful today

* omgeee can't wait to watching the video's !!! minhyuk rap for black flower*

Credit to : saturn.@soompi
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