CN BLUE Messages to Taiwan Boices at Warner Taiwan Plurk 24.09.2010

[ Yonghwa Update ]
  • : "안녕하세요 cnblue 정용화입니다. 오늘도 대만에서 좋은 추억 만들고 있습니다. 오늘 팬사인회가 있는데 많이 찾아와주시구요 팬미팅도 많이 많이 찾아와주세요. 항상 열심히하는 cnblue가 되겠습니다. 여러분 사랑해요 감사합니다!!^^^"
  • Hi this is CNBLUE Jung YongHwa. Today we also making good memories here in Taiwan. We have a fan signing today, and many came. we have a fan meeting as well, i hope a lot of people will come too. We will always be the CNBLUE who works hard. I love you all. Thank you!! ^^^

 [ JungShin Update ]
  • 안녕하세요 CNBLUE 베이시스트 정신입니다 저희가 지금 대만온지 3일째입니다!! 너무 재밌고 신나는 하루하루를 보내고있답니다 여러분은 어떠신지요??? 또 오늘은 팬싸인회가 있을예정입니다 
  •  안녕하세요 CNBLUE 베이시스트 정신입니다 모두들 건강히 지내시고 계신가요? 여러분들을 위해 벌써 3번째 글을올리네요 하하!!오늘은 팬싸인회가 있을예정이고 내일은 대망의 팬미팅이 기다리고있습니다 정말 설레이네요! 그럼 기대해주세요!!
  • Hi this is CNBLUE bassist Jungshin. We are currently in our 3rd day here in Taiwan!! It's really fun and exciting here. How about you all??? and we have a fan signing schedule today.
  • Hi this is CNBLUE bassist Jungshin. Everyone is fine and healthy rite? I have done 3 posts for all of you all haha!! Today we have a fan signing and looking forward to the fan meeting tomorrow. I'm really nervous. Please look forward to it!!

[ Jonghyun Update ]

  • 안녕하세요. 기타쟁이 종현입니다. 조금 있으면 팬싸인회에 가는데요 너무기대되네요^^ 여러분들 빨리보고싶어요~~~
  • Hi, this is guitar freak Jonghyun. If you have time please come to the fan sign. I'm looking forward to it ^^ I really want to see all of you (as soon as possible)~~~

    [ Minhyuk Update ]

    • ni hao~~ wo shi min he!! wo ai ni men~ Greetings~~ I’m Minhyuk!! I love all of you~
    • 안녕하세요~민혁입니다~~대만에 이렇게 와서 너무 즐겁게 스케줄 하고 있구요 지금은 멋진 정장을 입고 개인촬영을 하고있습니다. 조금 있으면 팬분들과 함께하는 팬싸인회를 할 예정인데 빨리 보고싶어요!
    • xiang jian ni men!!^^이따봐요 여러분~~그리고 내일! 팬미팅 미니라이브도 즐겁게 놀다 가셨으면 좋겠습니다 TAIWAN I LOVE YOU

        • Hi~ This is MinHyuk~ It's really great to come to Taiwan and doing all this exciting schedule. Right now we're wearing a really nice suits and taking individual shot. We have a fan sign schedule in a little while with the fans... i really want to see all of you soon!
        • I want to see all of you !! i'll see you all soon~~and tomorrow!! i hope we all can have fun in the Mini Live Fan Meeting.TAIWAN I LOVE YOU~

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