CN BLUE interview with Osaka Radio 'Pikakin' 17.09.2010

Fan's question: How was the concert in Osaka yesterday?

Jong Hyun: It's our second time in Osaka. You welcomed us warmly and enjoyed our concert.
Min Hyuk: It was the performance that we all could be one. We enjoyed from the opening.
Yong Hwa: Yesterday, we performed all songs in our albums. So it's more meaningful to me as 'the first'.
Jong Hyun: We caught a cold, so we were not in good condition. I really appreciate you to give us power, enjoyed our performance. So we could finish it.

DJ: You have cold.

Jong Hyun: Yes, I and Min Hyuk have stuffy nose. We three are still sick.

Fan's question: What was 'Tsukumo' Yong Hwa mentioned at the concert?

Yong Hwa: I watched 'Mister Brain' I really enjoyed it. in that drama, Kimura Takuya said 'I am Tsukumo' in a charming manner. I loved it.
Jung Shin: Yong Hwa hyung resembles Kimura Takuya. His hair style is similar to Kimura Takuya in the drama.
Yong Hwa: We love Japanese dramas. We study Japanese language with drama.
While studying, I am trying to write a lyric in Japanese, although Japanese teacher is correcting it currently.
We will try harder to write lyric in Japanese.

DJ: Do you practice Japanese songs too?

Jong Hyun: Sure, we love J-pop.
Yong Hwa: Singing in Japanese is a method of studying Japanese.

DJ: Who is your favorite Japanese musician?

Jung Shin : L'Arc~en~Ciel
Min Hyuk : Ellegarden
Jong Hyun: Bump of chicken.
Yong Hwa: Mister Children.

DJ: Japanese words you memorized recently?

Yong Hwa: minor
Jung Shin: Mechasukiyanen, O-o-kini, Suimasen... (Osaka dialects, I love it so much, Thank you, I'm sorry)
Jong Hyun: Korosu (I will kill you)
Min Hyun: That sounds good but...

DJ: It was Jung Shin's birthday on Sep.15, Happy birthday! How old are you?

Jung Shin: It's my 19th birthday.
Yong Hwa: He is still minor in Japan.

DJ : How old do I look?

Jung Shin : 44
Min Hyuk : 45
Jong Hyun : 27
Yong Hwa : 18 :D

DJ: Yong Hwa you composed and wrote lyric of 'I don't know why', didn't you?

Yong Hwa: Yes, I composed and wrote it. I wanted to make it a unique mood.
It's band music, but I wanted a groovy feeling.

DJ: Say goodbye words to the listeners

Jung Shin: We did concert in Osaka yesterday\. And we have concerts in Nagoya and Tokyo. Please come and cheer us up a lot.
Min Hyuk: Please support us a lot, please listen to our new album a lot.
We will have a lot of concerts in both Korea and Japan. So please come to both.
Jong Hyun: We came to perform in Osaka. I really appreciate you who cheered us a lot in Osaka.
To repay your kindness, I want to come Osaka again. At that time I will meet you with better music.
Yong Hwa: We will be a band who compete with live performance. See you at the live performance.

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