[ ARTICLE ] Lee Jungshin Rank #7 for Nine-Head Figure Flower Boys



What is a " Nine-head figure" ? Nine-head figure means long head & body height ratio of 1:9. In the world of fashion this ratio is said to be the most perfect for models who do catwalks on the runway! For example  if the head is as long as 20cm , this means the body height can reach up to 180cm ! Now lets have a look which guy idols has this perfect body in the entertainment industry

Lee Jung Shin

Lee Jung Shin is the tallest maknae in CN BLUE. All this while , his height has been the envy of Jung Yong hwa. While visiting Yonghwa & Sister in law Seo Hyun's new home, Jung Shin who's tall enough helped Yonghwa change the light bulb up on the ceiling without breaking sweat..

Source : EPOP Magz malays version
Scan & Posted by : ninie@cnblue
Eng translation by : nadira@cnbluebeat

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mia said...

my goodness... bebudak sekarang sgt tinggi! *_*.. couldn't help but noticing max dbsk is 190cm? cheongmal? fuh..