[ ARTICLE ] HongKong YES! Magazine ( No.1016 ) CNBLUE reveals Weird Habits!

CNBLUE Reveal Weird Habits

CNBLUE finally came to Hong Kong! CNBLUE officially debuted in Korea in January this year. It’s just 7 months since then and they came for publicity activities already. They broke the record of Korean groups coming to Hong Kong in the earliest time! As for the reasons why they came so soon to meet with Hong Kong fans, Jung Yong Hwa’s participation in the drama You’re Beautiful is one. But the love calls of Hong Kong fans should have been the greatest reason! Happy times, however, fly fast. The one-and-a-half-month summer vacation vanished like a ‘pop’ sound goes off. And CNBLUE’s schedule in Hong Kong was as short as just 3 days! In those three days, all CNBLUE members had great fun with all Hong Kong fans and left us with the best memories. YES! of course is bringing you the detailed account of their visit to Hong Kong. And during my interviewing them, I noticed some odd and formerly-unknown habits and behaviors of the members too!

About Hong Kong

The power of dramas is the same for all countries. Kim Hyun Joong shot to fame with Boys Overs Flowers while Jung Yong Hwa captured the hearts of tens of thousands of girls with his role in You’re Beautiful, at the same time causing much attention to CNBLUE, the band he belongs to. CNBLUE has been described as the new star with unlimited power in the Korean music scene. Their debut album became number ones in various music charts in the shortest time. Their popularity has soared in all Asia since then! It’s their first time visiting Hong Kong and they’re just as excited as the fans!

Q1 Is it your first time coming to Hong Kong for all CNBLUE members? Any difference of impressions before and after you’ve come?

YH: I’ve been here once before. It’s the first time for the others. I heard many people say Hong Kong is a beautiful place. The night scenery is the best. We really wanna have a look around at night too, but we just don’t have the opportunity. We can just watch that in the hotel.”

MH: Though people say the night scenery is the best, now I’m looking at it, I find the day time scenery of Hong Kong very beautiful too! (N.B. The interview was conducted at noon time and the place has this big ceiling-to-ground window facing the Victoria Harbor.)

Q2 Almost all Koreans who visit Hong Kong try the Hong Kong dim sums. Is there particular food that CNBLUE members want to try?

MH: I have tried Hong Kong style dim sums in Korea a couple of times. I wanted to try them coming to Hong Kong. I especially like shrimp dumplings. Just before the mini-live, some fans sent us dim sums. They taste so good; I don’t mind having those again and again! (The other members kept nodding hearing this.)

Q3 The other two actors of You’re Beautiful, Jang Geun Seok and Lee Hong Ki have come to Hong Kong earlier. Did they recommend places to you?

YH: They recommended the Peak and said we must go shopping because it’s value for money buying in Hong Kong. (Jang Geun Seok said he enjoyed his visit to Lankwaifong. But CNBLUE has this tight schedule, I’m afraid they won’t be able to take a look of the place!)

About Team Work

Q1 CNBLUE has just debuted in January this year. Within a short 7 months, you’ve gained such high popularity in Asia. How do you feel about all this?

MH: For the Asia tour this time, we’re going to places I have never been to before. The fact that we haven’t stepped foot on the places but we have so many fans there already really touches me. I hope we have the opportunity to meet with even more fans in various places.

Q2 People think dance groups are the main stream in Korea. Do CNBLUE as a band feel difficulties related to this?

YH: Actually there aren’t particular difficulties. We’re a band but all the others are dance groups. We’re different and we don’t compare ourselves to others. I believe with our continuous practicing and doing lives, fans will realize our abilities. And since we’re enjoying the process so much, we don’t see big difficulties ahead.

Q3 As a rookie of 2010, do CNBLUE have confidence winning best rookie awards in the year end music awards?

JS: Obviously we’d love that to happen and winning awards is one of our goals. This year, it’s obviously the best rookie award. Next, we aim at bigger ones. We believe that we can reap good heading straight towards our goals.

Q4 All CNBLUE members have taken part in variety shows. Are there particular things that each member wants to try other than that?

MH: I think we’ll focus on music. But we’d like to try dramas, movies or varieties too, if we have the opportunity.

About Individual Members

During the interview, when I asked questions about the individual members, the previous serious/tensed mood became relaxed instantly. A certain member’s answer just caused secret smiles or even big laughs from the others! And the subtle interactions among the members really impressed me. I can feel that they have a tight bond.

Yong Hwa – Playful

Those who have watched You’re Beautiful know that Yong Hwa played Shin Woo, a guy who’s mature, calm, gentle and makes one feel safe. But the real Yong Hwa is totally different from Shin Woo. During the interview, Yong Hwa couldn’t stop showing his playfulness. And he kept making the other members laugh. I talked to him in Korean; he answered me in English! I suspected that Yong Hwa is a playful guy watching We Got Married before. My meeting him in person this time is seeing his 100% playfulness, his real self.

Q1 The Shinwoo character in You’re Beautiful is the perfect lover for many fan girls. Do you think you’re like the character?

YH: Actually my personality is completely different from that of Shin Woo. I like to joke around with my band mates. I think the only common point is that, like Shin Woo, I’m very sensitive and pleasingly affectionate to girls. (He couldn’t help laughing after saying that and the other members smiled secretly too.)

Q2 Yong Hwa has done a drama and is thus more popular among fans compared to others. Have the other members complained about that?

YH: They never did! They were so supportive and helpful during that time. (The other members nodded, agreeing with him.)

Q3 You’re in a band, have been in a drama and you’re even the M.C. of a show. Among all these, which do you like most?

YH: My number one is always music. I have fun doing other activities too. I’ll continue with those if I have the opportunity. But music always comes first.

Q4 Among all members, with whom do you feel closest to?

YH: Not a particular one ... (thinking hard for a while) Maybe for I’m the leader, they tend to rely on me and I feel close to everyone! (At this moment, Jong Hyun, who’d been thinking and quiet, gave Yong Hwa a stare. Maybe he didn’t agree to his answer?)

Jong Hyun – Quiet and Love-To-Smile Guy

‘Burning’ is the image of Jong Hyun. In the debut MV, he shows his wild and ‘explosive’ charm. Unexpectedly, the real Jong Hyun in front of me was so quiet. During the interview, except answering questions directed to himself and saying thank you (and thank you), he’s the listener most of the time. And Leader Yong Hwa kept making fun of him sitting beside him.

Q1 Among CNBLUE members, fans say Jong Hyun is masculine but gentle at the same time. Are you really like this?
JH: (Before Jong Hyun answered, Yong Hwa burst out laughing hearing my question, making Jong Hyun real embarrassed.) What you said just then seems more applicable to Min Hyuk! (Laughs) I’m really very quiet in my everyday life but I love to smile and laugh a lot! If fans think my image should be masculine and gentle at the same time, I’d try my best to live that image out.

Q2 Which member is closest to you?
JH: We’re all close with each other. As Min Hyuk and Jung Shin have little age gap with me, they seem to be closer friends to me.

Min Hyuk – A Loner!?

The look of Min Hyuk is absolutely lovely. The Min Hyuk before my eyes was surely lovely, but I felt the steady and calm personality inside him. I haven’t expected this at all; sweet and lovely Min Hyuk said he’s got no friends and enjoys being alone! They sing ‘I’m A Loner’, but they need not be loners?!

Q1 In fans’ minds, Min Hyuk has a lovely look. What’s the real Min Hyuk like in private?
MH: (Before he answered, the other members burst out laughing again!) Um … (thinking deep) I think it’s because my smiles are very sweet that people think I’m lovely. Actually I prefer to be alone most of the time: reading alone, listening to music alone, doing all sorts of things alone. It looks like I don’t have many friends.

Q2 You said you enjoy being alone so much. Is there a member you feel closest too?
MH: Jung Shin! Because we’re of the same age. (There’s only a 3-month difference.) We talk a lot. He’s one of my few friends.

Jung Shin – Looking Up To Stephen Chow

Jung Shin is the tallest but youngest in the band. He is cool and all on the music stage. But when he’s on variety shows, he reveals his 4-D character and surprises fans so much. The Jung Shin before me is the youngest but he was so serious and positive answering my questions, I found him so different from what I saw in the variety shows. Jung Shin said he doesn’t think his character is 4-D!

Q1: Seeing you in the Korean TV variety shows, people your have a 4-D mind. How do you feel about this?
JS: (His expression absolutely calm.) I really don’t think I’m 4-D in whatever ways! I have this very ordinary character. I’m so surprised and curious why people think I have this 4-D character.

Q2: Your performance in the variety shows makes people feel you have an inward talent for such shows. Do you plan to take part in variety shows continuously?

JS: Doing the variety shows, I see my many limitations. For instance, I don’t talk so well. I need more practice. If possible, I want to be like Stephen Chow, who can make everybody laugh. (So Jung Shin actually has this big goal, no wonder he doesn’t think he’s 4-D at all!)

Q3: The other 3 just said you’re closest to Min Hyuk? You feel that way?
JS: They’re right. Because we’re the same age, we can treat each other like friends. But Yong Hwa hyung and I have things we both like. Actually we all are close to each other!

Exposing Secrets Time! Magnae Being Attacked!
Korean music groups spend much time together as trainees. Members see each other day and night. They can thus cultivate strong bonds and know each other’s little secrets too. CNBLUE are so close; they must know each others’ many secrets too. Though they weren’t telling big secrets, magnae Jung Shin has obviously become his hyungs’ ‘sacrifice’!

YH: Jung Shin has a great overall look and his facial features are beautiful too, but … his legs are real hairy!

JH: I think everybody thinks Jung Shin’s eyes are big. When he sleeps, his eyes are open because they’re too big to be closed! (N.B. So it has something to do with ‘shallow sleep’?)

MH: Every time when we go for interviews, there’s a sentence (word) that the 4 of us keep saying: Really?! We didn’t realize that before but then people around told us. Then we noticed that we say that so frequently.

JS: Ha ha … When Jong Hyun hyung sleeps, he wears just his underpants! (N.B. What an ‘explosive’ secret! No wonder many Korean groups say magnaes are somebody nowadays!)

- THE END - 

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