[ ARTICLE ] CNBLUE Interview by Singtao Daily HK 2010.08.27

Brief translation by klaritia@soompi

CNBLUE says they’re happy to see fans who’ve been very enthusiastic welcoming them, the moment they arrived at the airport. They even follow their van. 

MH: I’ll wave to them if I haven’t fallen asleep.

JS: HK fans really love us much.

They like the night scenery here.
Jonghyun reveals he was admiring the night view when showering the other night. He wants to come again.

They didn’t expect to be so popular so soon. 
YH: Even we aren’t popular, we’ll keep doing music. Bandmates say YH is the most popular but he says all the 4 are popular. They have never quarreled. They’ll focus on music but will try other works like drama too. New album to be out in Oct.

* Jonghyun...icic..icic..*

Source :http://news.singtao.ca/ 
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