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Beatles Code was disappointing. I expected something professional, like Muzit, but it was just another cable TV low comedy show. Music related talk was less than 1 minute, all conversatios were willful and not funny at all.
But CNBLUE members were so shinning and good looking. It was all wordplay, they laughed so hard.
Anyway it made me happy. :D

First, CNBLUE members read the profile of BDS members. Min Hyuk read the profile of BDS's drummer Park Chan.

But he just said the name "Park Chan", then silent... Min Hyuk said, "Nothing more..."
"It is said that you are the youngest... but how old are you? There's no age here..."
He was disconcerted and he stuttered. It really made BDS members laugh hard.

The recorder play: Why they prepared pink recorder. Anyway when Kim Do Gyun played pink recorder I laughed so hard.
Yong Hwa suited pink recorder well.

Jong Hyun's kick was good. If he were wearing more comfortable pants, he could have done it better.

BDS members said that they have job because doing a band cannot be a means of living.
The drummer Park Chan said that those side jobs are for keeping them doing music. So he never felt embarrassed.

Till now, he is doing food delivery, construction worker, clothes selling on the street etc.
MCs laughed out loud saying those jobs suits him better than drummer.

But CNBLUE members didn't laugh. They looked serious.

Yong Hwa said, "You are doing music with difficulty while we are doing so comfortably. I don't know what to say.

I hope we can have a good circumstance soon that everyone is eager to do band."
When MC asked Jung Shin if he had to have a job to keep doing music, what he could do.
Jung Shin answered "There's nothing much I can do, but I think I can do food delivery."
Park Chan said, "Food delivery was the hardest thing. Because food is hot and the pot is heavy, and you must work at meal time. Pizza delivery is ok."

He said he used to do 'Gonguri' at construction site.
'Gonguri' is a construction slang which means to flatten a surface with cement.
All understood it's meaning and laughed, because it's not a proper word for TV.

But only Min Hyuk didn't understand and asked Jong Hyun beside him -_-
(I guess, at home, Min Hyuk's parents speak words from dictionary only.)

Guitarist Kim Do Gyun said he was who performed biting string by teeth for the first time in Korea.

And he said he wanted to teach it to Jong Hyun, saying 5 minutes lesson is enough.
Jong Hyun said he had ever tried once, but since he had decay it really hurt him.

MCs said Kim Do Gyun looked like Undertaker, pro-wrestler. Members laughed so hard.
Jong Hyun almost jumped over, Jung Shin fell down to the table.

Well, personally I was unhappy that this show invited old musicians then made them look ridiculous.

But CNBLUE guys were so well-mannered and looked they enjoyed it.

* For me...i'm happy see our boys keep laughing and enjoy this show *

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