[PHOTO] Fantaken CNBLUE & SNSD SeoHyun

Account of a little act by CNBlue and Seohyun

Minsun is a 14 year old girl going through a difficult cancer treatment. One of her wishes was to meet her idol CNBlue and after some juggling her caretakers got in touch with WGM staff and CNBlue gladly agree to come visit Minsun. Yesterday (Aug 17th) was the WGM filming and they arranged to visit Minsun after the filming.

Minsun couldn't hide her happy excitement when CNBlue appeared with cake. What was more surprising was that little later Seohyun also appeared. Everyone was surprised since no one expected her. YongHwa gave Minsun a necklace present and the party went on. Minsun asked Seohyun: "Unnie who would you like as WGM partner besides YongHwa oppa?" which made Seohyun panic a little and everyone was laughing up.

"It was really the greatest", Minsun said at the end of the day

(note : minsun must be really happy. hope she will be recover soon. i'm happy to hear artistes giving supports to those who needed.. hwaiting!)

sources :
photo & info by silis7noy2 @soompi snsd
fan account by hizom @cyworld
shared by miel_1301 @soompi seohwa
reposted by naz @cnbluebeat

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Anonymous said...

yeah.. cancer treatment is so difficult especially for little children.

i'm so proud of cnblue! (and seohyun)

btw.. where's minhyuk?