[ VIDEO+PHOTO ] CNBLUE @ Press Conference 20.08.2010

CN BLUE Press Conference @ Concrad Hotel , Singapore

( Credit to : KPOPGG@youtube )

( Credit to : teensmag@facebook )

Bites from presscon: Yonghwa thinks Jungshin changed from manly to pretty from predebut until now :) 

Bites from presscon: How does CNBLUE destress? They talk it out among members.. and listen to music.

Last note, the boys are pretty quiet, though there were instances Yonghwa & Minhyuk were fighting for e mic :D Do cheer them w ur highness!

 ( credit to (x)clusive@twitter )

( credit to prooflabel@twitter )

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fizzyhasan said...

Today, I officially berkabung.