[ NEWS ] Global Producer calls FT Island and CNBLUE

"FT Island and CNBLUE are the best group."

Elliot Kennedy, producer of global pop stars including Spice Girls, Celine Dion, Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow, gave a favorable comment about FT Island and CNBLUE.

Kennedy, who is visiting Seoul for Asian version Spice Girls selection project, met with FNC MUSIC CEO Han Sung Ho prior to press conference at Intercontinental Hotel on the 25th. 

Kennedy has said he was surprised to hear that FT Island and CNBLUE are under the same management and CEO Han personally produced their songs. He told a friend that he wants to meet with CEO Han while visiting Kora, and was able to do so on this day.

CEO Han said "There is a spirit of life that I don't know in Elliot Kennedy's music. I remember getting much inspired listening to his songs before I made a name for myself." and expressed his thanks to the global musician for calling him out.

This September, Eliot Kennedy will gather one member representing Hong Kong, Japan, China, India, South Asia as well as Korea to finalize the 5 members for Asian version of Spice Girls.

Source : Dailykpopnews
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music lover said...

i hope both cnblue n ftiisland get the opportunity to promote their awesome music at the other side of the world!

i'm so happy they r recognised.. *_*

and also i hope they'll polish their english soon bcos if they do, there will be bigger doors opened 4 them!

wish them success.. hwaiting cnblue!