[NEWS] CNBlue Spreads Princely Charm

Apart from playing and creating their own music, the charismatic and humble quartet from Korean boyband CNBlue do possess certain qualities that are strikingly different from their fellow Korean counterparts.

With an average height of 1.83m, the strapping-tall lads (Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jong Hyun, Kang Min Hyuk, and Lee Jung Shin) made quite an impression when they arrived at the Conrad Hotel for their first official press conference in Singapore, looking dapper as ever in their crisp and white matching suits (read: Prince Charming!) and ankle boots.

Sharing on the pros and cons of their meteoric rise in the music industry, band leader Yong Hwa, 22, tickled his bandmates' funnybone with his frank reply of having to "eat in a beautiful manner" when they have meals at restaurants.

"The advantage [of being famous] is that people really love our music, but the disadvantage is that when we go to restaurants to eat, we really have to eat in a beautiful manner because everyone is watching us," he chuckled.

Being under the watchful eyes of the public might explain why the boys are on their best behavior. Apart from being generous with their Ps and Qs throughout the press conference and interview, they also appeared seemingly reserved and soft-spoken.

One would expect them to break into gregarious bouts of laughter and guffaw over practical jokes and comments made by one another, but instead, polite smiles and slight chuckles were all that was exchanged between the members.

Considering how it has been barely eight months since their Korean debut, their short brush with fame is perhaps the next best explanation behind their subdued and grounded selves.

CNBlue first kick started their music career in Japan during August last year with a Japanese single, Now or Never, and shot to stardom shortly after releasing their debut Korean single, Bluetory, in January this year.

Despite the emergence of new competitors and boybands in the Korean music scene lately, these four lads managed to rise up against the odds with their unique brand of indie music. They feel that incorporating "rap verses and other music genres" helps give their music a different spin.

Currently in Singapore to kick off the first leg of their Asian tour, the boys laughed in embarrassment when asked of their plans to stay ahead and on top of the music charts.

Nicknamed the "emotional" soul of the group when it comes to music composition, Yong Hwa explained, "We do not think that we are at the top right now. He modestly believes that they are merely "on the steps" of reaching the top of their game.

With a growing fanbase in Asia and other parts of the world, the boys marked their first official visit to Singapore with a warm reception from more than 300 fans at Changi Airport last night.

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