[News] CNBLUE profits over 3 billion won

Group CNBLUE has risen as the 'New Star' in Korean Wave market.

CNBLUE has recorded a profit of over 3 billion won. This is an historic achievement for a team that has debuted for less than a year. 

Following Singapore (2000 seats) and Taiwan (4000 seats) sell out, all of 6000 seats for three concerts in Japan in September (Osaka - 16th, Nagoya - 18th, Tokyo - 20th)were also sold out. From this, CNBLUE has earned profit of 2 billion won. Then sell out in Bangkok, Shang Hai and Hong Kong added a profit of one billion won. 

Looking closely, CNBLUE's marketing plan is even more surprising. CNBLUE is well known for not expanding their concert venue. They are practicing the principal that high quality concert is more important for 'real' fans. Their Seoul concert on the 31st of last month was sold out within the first minute and filled up all of 2,000 seats. They had to hear complaints from fans who couldn't get the ticket. 

The same goes for the Asia Tour. It's been said that CNBLUE rejected representatives in each country who said they can fill up a venue over 10,000 seats. By cutting down on the bubble, they have made a profit of 3 billion won. By protecting the belief 'quality over quantity,' they have also earned surprising profit. 

Concert representatives in other countries said "Trying to increase concert's size is the typical case. This is first case of decreasing the size and limiting audience number. It may be cruel to fans but we are excited to see a new wave for the Korean Wave market that was under bubble scandal." 

Credit to : dkpopnews 
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Anonymous said...

? bubble scandal. x paham.. kekekke.. kaya raya f&c tu, tp yg pastinya cnblue memang best!

i'm proud of them..

how to get gigs said...

They’re all good looking singers. I can say their songs sounds cool and fun for they sold thousands of their CD’s album. More so that they have a lot of concerts waiting in line