[ NEWS ] CN BLUE welcomed by paparazzi's and thousand of fans in Singapore

CNBlue certifies their popularity oversea's over the warm welcome they received when they arrived in the airport in Singapore.

CNBlue arrived on the 19th of August in Singapore for their Asian tour in which when they arrived at the airport they were swarmed by 1,000 fans and paparazzi's. The police intervened due to the large crowd.

According to their agency, when CNBlue entered their car, and were traveling, there were paparazzi's following them everywhere they went.

Their agency said, "The reaction was much more that we expected. The reactions of the fans were really surprising especially when CNBlue were already performing and singing songs".

CNBlue finished their shown in Singapore and it ended in huge success, they will follow in Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan and other countries in Asia.

Source: Starnews
Credit  : Dailykpopnews
Re-Post by : ninie@cnbluebeat

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