[ FANCAM + PHOTO ] Jonghyun Recording for Acoustic Movie

 very short but..i hope Burning Lovers like it^^

Sexy back !! kkk Jonghyun & Minhyuk

Video credit to :axgirl01@yt
 Shared by : cnbluetv@twitter
Photo credit to : Yongik83@twitter
Posted by : ninie@cnbluebeat


Anonymous said...

vid of jungshin from the accoustic ..wow i really cant to watch movie..
it really is sexy back hihi..
wish there were more pics
anyway thaks for sharing it

Anonymous said...

baru jer nk syok.. tetiba tamat! ehhee.. jonghyun ah!

AozoraXoxO said...

hahaha omygod!!! so hot!!! my baby honey jonghyun hahaha i think ima die watching this.

still can sumone tell me wat's the acoustic movie?

is it an mv? cuz i saw on the cameraman's camera mini jib, is it an mv for another mini album coming up??