[ FANART ] CN BLUE Potato version

(one day jungshin was invited to the sweet potato's couple house for a visit..)

yonghwa : jungshin ar...what do you think of our house??
 jungshin : it's nice...hyung has make the house very neat~

yonghwa : *proud* look at the balcony!! it's man-made grass~
oppa has put in a lot of effort in it!!
jungshin : ya~

(the sentence below : after a series of silence response...)
yonghwa: jungshin, you...
jungshin: hmm..you're right..

yonghwa : go to the balcony and become avatar!!

jungshin : *happy* really??
seohyun : jungshin chingoo's way of thinking is really different from others...

* i can't stop laugh see this photo..China boices so creative ^^*

Credit to :cnbluechina.com
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