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If you’ve been following this thread for long enough, you know I’ve translated fan accounts indirectly from Chinese before. I actually posted even more to the Yonghwa thread and chiara’s blog. Today, I can finally write my own.

After all this wait, the time finally came. Lights all went out and the boys appeared amid the smoke. Lights brightened and 4 rock princes in pastel pink and white appeared. The ground literally shook when music started. As I heard the familiar intro of ‘intro’, I could feel my own heart beat. Next came ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ and ‘Love Revolution’. Jungshin sang many lines in the latter. Then they introduced themselves in Cantonese. I must say they’re good! Then Yonghwa talked in his signature broken cute English, saying he’s heard about Victoria Peak …

He asked us to sing along for the next songs, 'I’m a Loner', 'Love' and 'Love Light'. Yonghwa deliberately stopped for many bars before singing the last note of 'Love Light'. Then he said, “HK fans … are Love Light to us…” The so-called last song was 'Love'. We’re asked to make the ‘love sign’ and ‘clap clap clap’ gesture. They teased us saying ‘bye bye’ and left the stage. Of course we played along and begged for more. “Encore! Encore! xN times… CNBLUE! CNBLUE! CNBLUE!” Yonghwa: “You want some more? OK!” They came out again and performed ‘Loner – Burning version’, followed by ‘One Time’. “Do you want more?” Of course! ‘Now or Never’!!!
The end of the mini-live. Everybody wanted it to last forever!

For the interview part, the MC said the questions were sent in by fans. I doubted it for some have been asked and answered so many times already. How do they feel about seeing Hong Kong fans? Yonghwa said Hong Kong fans are all very pretty … What do they do in their free time? What type of girls they like?... What do they aim to achieve? They’ve said this so many times: Be together as a grandpa band. MC asked if we will be attending their concerts by then, maybe bringing our husbands and kids. “Yes!” Yonghwa: “Promised?” “Promised!” An interesting one finally. Which part of their bodies they think look best? Answers themselves not particularly interesting but the ways they presented them were totally cute. And the MC sort of added fun to it saying they gotta show us the parts more clearly.

MH: Skin. He said his eyes are too small. The MC joked that the Korean word sounds like ‘butt’ in Cantonese. Then YH sort of stared at MH’s butt …

YH: Eyes. He said he doesn’t have double eyelids but they’re quite big. Then he just ‘showed’ how cute his eyes are.

JH: Dimples. He said he doesn’t have many facial expressions usually but his dimples really make his smiles look great. Then he smiled his big smiles to show the super cute dimples!

JS: Before he gave his answer, YH suddenly went down the stage … he grabbed a sign from a fan that read ‘Avatar’ in Korean and asked JS to hold it. Answer? Collar bones. Imagine how he showed us his collar bones!

MC said they should sing some Cantonese songs in future. Yonghwa instantly composed a short one with 2 lines. Totally cute.

There are more questions and answers. Don’t feel like describing them in details. Maybe you’ll find fancams around.

Wish project part. 8 lucky fans who sent their wishes to the EO will get their gifts: signed CD, hugs, photo taking… The interesting part is when the MC read the names of fans, Yonghwa said the names after him, no matter it’s in English or Cantonese. Totally cute! (How many times have I repeated those two words? Sorry for lacking vocabulary.)

Lucky draw: 4 fans went on stage. Special gifts from the boys. JS – signed tee, JH – guitar pick, YH – a ring originally on his hand. He even put it on the fan’s finger. Somebody’s gonna be very jealous! MH – drum sticks. Then the boys sang ‘A Song For the Fool' to them.

Finally, a group photo. They sat on stage with their backs facing us. YH turned his head and asked us to say “cheese”.

When it’s all over, the 2 big screens showed the video of their Japan activities. There were words in Korean and English. I guess it’s the same one in the Korean 1st Concert. We fans are fools for loving them, getting hurt before they feel the hurt… They are music fools too… the most foolish among all fools. TOUCHING.

How do I feel about all this? I’ve said this before, I’m not good at words. Anyway, after all these months of virtual stalking, I finally got to see them so close! (I was in the very front on the right side.) They’re born for the stage! I can see they’re enjoying the performance so much. I should mention they’re really HOT! CNBLUE is the complete package. And I’d like to say more about my bias, Yonghwa. He made his presence felt every second: his being charming on stage, teasing fans, making funny facial expressions and all.

They looked so relaxed and energetic in the live and fan meet. I mean compared to their appearances on Korean music shows and variety shows. I bet it’s we fans who give them energy. They’re 100% sure that everybody around love them. That’s the difference I guess. That reminds me about their ending most interviews this way: Please give us lots of love. We’ll continue to work hard to show you a better us. It’s true: our love can make them strong.

Thank you for reading this long and not-that-interesting account. The security guards worked too hard last night. One actually banged his hand on my camera! I wasn’t able to film much, not to mention focusing before shooting pics. I am super lame in the photography department anyway, I’ve told you.

Just to make this post not so boring, I screen-capped from my super shaky + random-zooming-in-and-out videos.

(note : omg! thank you so much klaritia for the fanaccount! I feel like I'm there ^__^)

sources :
fanaccount by klaritia @soompi cnblue
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