[Contest & Pre-Order] Official T-Shirt

Heyya Boice..

First of all I would like to apologize regarding the delay of the result for Design A T-Shirt contest. This is due to some problem occurs during the judging sessions and some of our admins are really busy. I know some of you complaining and keeps asking 'when, where, etc' sorts of questions regarding this. It's hard to choose the winner although there was a voting system, we are trying to do our best. But if the results are not satisfying you guys, I am really sorry. However, I think it is still not too late to reveal the design right?

So, the winner is AMALINA HUSNA BINTI NOOH (AH2)
However, to make this design as our official FC's T-Shirt, we requested the designer to change her design a little bit.
There will be 2 versions of this t-shirt, black and white. Let's see how it looks like..

So, what do you guys think?
As the design is already published, now we opens for pre-orders. Please choose which color do you like. The size are S,M,L,XL only, and dont forget to state the quantity yaa. We'll announce the price soon. But as for now we want to know how many of you interested to buy this. We will think about how to give you the t-shirt when it's done, maybe we'll arrange meet ups, or post it to you.
Send your pre-orders with a subject T-SHIRT with full name, address, contact no., and some details like I stated above in your email at cnbluebeat.sales@gmail.com

For your infomation, you can wear this t-shirt during our gathering/meet-up, or when our boys come to Malaysia (let's hope this will happen this October >_<)
Congratulations to the winner and for the other participants who didn't win, thanks for your participation. We like your designs too. 
Thank you.

Updated 16/09/2010
Pre-order for this t-shirt still open. Last to make payment is on 22/09/2010
For those who already ordered earlier please check your mail.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

definitely want it! I will ask my frens also. hope th price is within affordable range.


MystryMystique said...

for sure i'm going to buy it!
it's nice and simple!
hope the price will not be that expensive....

hwayoung said...

i want
i want
i want
i want
i want
i want


eizara said...


p.i.n.a.t. said...

is there any dateline for the pre-order?
oh..the size,unisex punye size kan?

EUNICE said...

ermmm i dont like the design
too bad t-shirt
i think the other one a the best

mia said...

nk buat baju raya! yeyey

♥corcraze♥ said...

i definitely want it!!!!!
this is what i've been waiting for!!!
hope its affordable!
but black or white will look better..hurmm..

mayoungwoong_kAzAf said...

juz frm my xperience: da price depends on da quantity ordered n color use 4 printing....(hope da prince range rm25-30) but oso depends on size 2...

i like da design....simple...plez concern on the fonts size...mk it seen-able n look nicer on da shirt ok...^^m

ahPei~ said...

hi..i jus place an order yesterday..pls check mail.. thnx..

Anonymous said...

can u tell me the real price??i juz see it today so i want to know if me n my frens still have a chance to order it??

fira said...

it's kinda late but can i still buy this shirt? how much is da price?

xXrucciXx said...

@anonymous @fira
yes, u can still order it until 30/9/2010

sehseh said...

Hi, I've sent my order and payment on Sept 22, wonder if you have received them?

p.s. Please do provide a measurement guide for the T-shirt sizes :)

xXrucciXx said...

hi there.. we noted your email..
will reply soon..
thank you^^

aLyn said...

my sister bought it for me.

the design way too diff from the picture you show above.

and, tulisan die kecil sgt.

how come this is happening TT-TT

ben said...

i want one. any information, message me here:


jin hut said...

excuse me~
i would like to know when u guys will sell this t-shirt again?
It's really a nice design and i m very like it...
if u guys will plan to sell it again, kindly inform me please...
thank you so much ❤❤
my email address:

myralove said...

xda jual ker lagi...huhuhu nak bel arr t-shirt

sofia said...

dah tak buat lagi ke tshirt nie?