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CNBLUE in Epop Malay Version (August Edition)
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What’s the difference with your image in CNBLUE and the real you?

*Lee Jung Shin Among my friends, I can be known as the ‘hot blooded youngster’. I’m the one who decides the time and where to go hang out, my friends just follow my instructions. I’m also the type who prioritizes friends first. At home I am the youngest. Maybe because my mum brought me up like a girl, that’s why I listen to what my parents say.

* Jung Yong Hwa As the youngest, I also like to be childish at home. In CNBLUE I look more mature because of my age as the oldest.

*Kang Min Hyuk :  I’m the youngest in CNBLUE and the youngest at home. The fact is I’m someone who is really calm. I don’t like being childish, instead I prefer to be alone.

What do people usually say when they see you?

*Lee Jong HyunYou look more handsome after cutting your hair!

*Lee Jung Shin :   You are really tall!

*Kang Min Hyuk :  Your skin is really pretty!

*Jung Yong Hwa :  You look more handsome on TV.

Do you take notice of fashion info?

*Lee Jung Shin :  I really like ‘monoton’ shirts. Colour is the main point for this brand, and because the shirts can be a bit pricey I only buy a few when I have money.

* Jung Yong Hwa:  I really like shopping but recently I can’t because I’m too tied up with work. When I read a magazine, I’d take a picture of the clothes I like as a reference.

Besides suits, has CNBLUE thought of changing their style?

*Jung Yong Hwa :  Haha yup! Sometimes I can’t wait for a magazine photoshoot because I get to change my style during the shoot.

*Lee Jung Shin :  I think the members look their best when we wear formal suits because we’re really tall and we have a good figure. Besides that, wearing a formal suit shows respect to the audience when we’re on the stage performing.
Personally how do you like to dress up? 
* Lee Jung Shin :  Recently I really like wearing shorts!

 *Jung Yong Hwa :  Usually I like wearing a t-shirt and pair of jeans. Eventhough I’m a guy, but I have many shoes and accessories and recently I really like wearing t-shirts of a certain brand. If I had a lot of money, I’d just shop all the time.

*Lee Jong Hyun :  Besides myself, all the members like being fashionable. Compared to dressing up, I prefer playing the guitar! I’m a boring person aren’t i?
Besides fashionable clothes, what else do the members like?

*Lee Jung Shin :  I like photography. Since I was a kid I would always take pictures, I was influenced by my cousin who was a photographer. Last time, when I was in a bad mood, I’d go out and take pictures outside but recently I haven’t been taking any because I’m busy

*Kang Min Hyuk :  I really like football and baseball. When I was in highschool I used to represent my school in competitions
*Lee Jong Hyun :   I also really like sports. For the whole 21 years of my life, it has been filled with sports and music. Besides that, I don’t really like other stuff. During junior school I used to learn Taekwondo. I also learnt Judo before entering highschool.

When did your first love happen?

*Kang Min Hyuk :  Form 1

*Lee Jong Hyun :   Form 2

 *Lee Jung Shin :   Form 2

*Jung Yong Hwa :  Form 1

Among the members in CNBLUE, who dances the best?

*Kang Min Hyuk :  Jung Shin is the ‘Dancing King’ of CNBLUE!
*Lee Jung Shin :   Sometimes my moves are overboard so the fans call me the ‘Dancing King’. Actually my overboard moves don’t look good, so I don’t do that anymore in my performances.

Which celebrity would you like to be friends with?

*Lee Jong Hyun :   I want to be friends with Trax! Hopefully we can be good friends

*Kang Min Hyuk :  I want to host with Heechul ( Super Junior)

*Lee Jung Shin :   I want to be friends with all the celebrities. Besides CNBLUE I have no other friends who are celebrities.

*Jung Yong Hwa :  I want  to be good friends with whoever I meet

Have you ever thought about getting closer to any girl celebrities?

*Lee Jung Shin :  I’ve never thought about this but Ye Eun (Wonder Girls) is my highschool friend

*Kang Min Hyuk :  I want to get closer with sister-in-law (Seohyun) and the other SNSD members.

*Lee Jong Hyun :  I want to get closer to 2NE1

*Jung Yong Hwa :  Seohyun

When do you feel like you want to get married?

*Kang Min Hyuk :  When I see Yong Hwa being really close with sister-in-law (Seohyun) in the show

*Lee Jong Hyun :  When the 4 of us get together in the living room, our living room is really messy!

If you were a girl, who would you be attracted to in CNBLUE?
*Lee Jung Shin :  Yong Hwa, because he treats us and takes care of us very well! Besides that he is really concern about us. Eventhough he is sick, he will still buy us food.

*Kang Min Hyuk :  Jung Shin! Because I re-act really slow, so I really envy him because he is always cheerful and knows how to hype up the environment around him.

*Lee Jong Hyun :  I choose Min Hyuk because he takes cleanliness as an important matter.

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