[ANNOUNCEMENT] ERA.fm needs our help. We need your help too!!~

Ok, I logged in my facebook n twitter just now. (Don't ask my fb n twitter acc :P) I saw our local radio station Era.fm shout out if they wanna have Korean Hits Chart segment and they asked for the listeners' opinion. I would say that is gonna be awesome!!!
You know our local radio stations nowadays playing some Kpop songs, but still haven't heard of our boys' songs right?
So what are we gonna do?

Send in your CNBLUE's songs request to Era.fm at webmaster@era.fm
Suggest them any CNBLUE's songs as many as you can, such as Love, I'm A Loner, Love Light and many more. If the title of the songs are originally in Korean, provide them with the title and how to pronounce it.

So what are you waiting for? Spam Era.fm inbox with our love for CNBLUE!!~

Btw, International fans also can send in your request to Era.fm. You can also listen to the radio online at http://www.era.fm

Posted by: Rucci87


zizie said...

waa.. our station radios are getting more attracted with korea songs..

Leyya said...

yes..i've listened to few for now . And they even played during sahur time..haha