Happy 53rd Independence Day of Malaysia!!!

We all (CN Blue Beat admin) seriously proud to be a Malaysian (even though, some of us hope that we will be a half korean ^ ^.. kidding!). Our hope in conjunction with 53rd Independence Day was a prosperity, stay "Peace No War" forever, happy and stayed loyal as a Malaysian. Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! MALAYSIA. We proud to be Malaysian and we love Malaysia.



I'm so sorry if i have too take a long time to continued [Admin Account] the journal of Listen To The CN Blue in Singapore. Alright then, now i need to continue admin account/stories - Listen to the CN Blue Showcase/fan Meeting in Singapore. A lot of sweet memories happened to me and admin Naz. It will be a very very sweet memories we ever had in our life to remembered ^ ^.

We arrived at Changi Airport (terminal 4) sharp on 9.15am and Leeza fetched us immediately at Terminal 4 and bring us go to Terminal 2 to get Subway- MRT (similar like LRT STAR and PUTRA LRT). Before that, Leeza teach us how to go to Terminal 1 from terminal 2, which is we have get our flight at Terminal 1 when going back to Malaysia. Singapore had 4 terminal for international airways which is Terminal 1 (Asean Countries Airways), Terminal 2 (VIP Airways/landed/arrive), Terminal 3 (Europe Countries Airways) and Terminal 4 (cheap fares Airways). Correct me if I'm wrong about that. My own guessed.

From terminal 2, we went to Lavender Station to get our showcase ticket from our friend who willing to buy on behalf us. Thank to her and also feel sorry to Wennie and her husband for waited us about half and hour. Am so sorry dear ^ ^. From Lavender Station, we went to Orchard Road just for lepaking session and also visit the sightseeing place in Singapore. Furthermore, we feel that to early if we went to UCC straight away because the showcase will be start on 3.00 pm. but then, after heard that on the Saturday morning, CN Blue arrived rather early at 10.00am++ for rehearsals at NUS UCC, we feel sorry for our self >_<, Aigoo!! but what to do?

Around 12.30 pm, from Orcchard Road Station, we took Subway MRT go to Clemetti Station which is from Orchard Road we have to exchange train at City Station before went to Clemetti Station. After thatm from Clemetti Station, we took bus No. 96 and went to National University Singapore (NUS) before go to University Cultural Center (UCC) which is the venue of the showcase.

My 1st impression when looked at the venue, "woah!!!". We admitted into the hall and we were very excited for everything to begin with the place was a really good, comfortable yet high class. I and admin Naz have to separately to entered the hall which is I've to used door no. 3 while admin Naz have to entered at door no. 4 even though in the end in hall, we've to seat next to next but the security system at UCC was planned and excellent.

While waiting our CN BLUE boys, I've used ti play around at my seat like on web camera (Although, Proof Label already remind us that they have a rules not to allowed us bring any digital stuff like digital/video camera) but for me, we need to be a genius to handled that kind of situation right? I used to cam-whore my self and also teased admin Naz while she too busy tweet our CN Blue Beat admin to report and update situation/news to them at Malaysia. My feeling was duguen duguen (feel nervous) waiting for our boys do the performance.

Then its time!!!

We heard sound of music began. The crowd was really excited included me ^ ^ and the intro background music (from a.r.i.g.a.t.o.u album) was played, and CN Blue boys started to walk to the stage, inviting load screams and cheering from the fan. They picked up their guitar and Min Hyuk go to his drummer set and Yong Hwa as leader started off the showcase with their intro rap. Then they went right into the song LET'S GO CRAZY. It was a really good song to start off, because the audience went crazy along with CN Blue.

They then went to the song LOVE REVOLUTION in English and it was a really nice song. Surprised me that i saw our bass player did a huge bulk of this song, with his live rap and singing. It was the first time I've seen Jung Shin sang clearly. His singing and rapping was good and close to perfect similar like Yong Hwa.

The boys were all very entertaining, Yong Hwa dan Jong Hyun's voice were in very good condition, and Yong Hwa throat seemed to be fine already. After the Love Revolution song, CN BLUE Boys finally stopped and started talking to us. They all spoke in very good English accent (who the teacher? ah!! of course my boy, Yong Hwa >_<) and they didn't have any weird korean accent but personally, we hard to understand what their try to talking about. Maybe i and admin Naz quite far from the stage and difficult to hear what their talking.

Perhaps, we will have a good seat near at the stage or maybe sit next to them 4 >_<.

to be continued.

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