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Now it's time. I know that, some of you are waiting for me or Naz to update what happened at Singapore 'Listen to The CN BLUE Mini Showcase & Fan Meeting".

Alright then, I'll update for you guys on what happened when me and Naz went to Singapore. Actually, this is the 1st time we were going to Singapore and still lack of information about Singapore (like public transport and the venue of showcase-how to go there), but because of we were really wanted to give them the gifts (of course our CNBLUE Boys' news i.e photos and videos live performances), me and Naz willing to go to Singapore to make a coverage about the CNBlue Showcase and Fan Meeting.

Our journey started early in the morning on 21 August 2010 and our flight at 8.20am. We took Tiger Airways Airlines. Going to Singapore was an unbelievable dream. Looking forward to attend CN Blue Showcase really out of our plan. We used to ignore any news about the showcase 'Listen To The CN Blue In Singapore' to control our jealousy to SG Boice. Yeah! Envy with them at the 1st places.

We used to ignore the showcase since we got the news that one of the event management company in Malaysia willing to bring CNBLUE in Malaysia, so we decided to be patient and waits for a good news from them but unfortunately, we cannot wait. So we decided to go to Singapore as CN BLUE BEAT 's representative.

We arrived in Singapore at sharp 9.15am as planned and Naz's friend who lives in Singapore fetched us at the airport (thanks to Leza to be our tourist guide on that day). Thank God and lucky us have Leza as a guide and brought us to go to the UCC, National University Singapore.

We even prepared a small gifts yet meaningful for our boys to show our Malaysia's very own CN BLUE BEAT fan Club. Here are some photos that we took in Singapore. So guys enjoy the photos we'll update ADMIN ACCOUNT: LISTEN TO THE CN BLUE IN SINGAPORE part 2.

our flight

our scrap book

our scrap book

Our scrap book

our gift

Us. safely arrived at Singapore

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xXrucciXx said...

tu sticker yg i post ke u all print sendiri??

but it's ok lah, at least ada gak wakil dr malaysian fc.. hohoh

good job people!

jungrara said...

omg....i really envy both of u...gud job admin...i wish i'll hv courage like u 2....huhu