[PROJECT] Updates for Birthday Project and 1Love 1Malaysian Boices!!

Hello guys!!
We have few things to announce in this post. Please read from the beginning till the end yaa.. :)

Firstly, I'm sure you guys already noticed a picture in our FB fan-page right? Yup, that is our official logo for our fan-club. We're sorry we didn't officially announce the new logo to ya'll. All the admins are busy with classes, exams, job, school and stuffs.
So, this is our official logo. Thanks to our designer who created this.

Second, I'm sure that most of us already hyped up with the birthday projects. But save your energy for more amusing news. We got more things to be told to our fellow Boices. Okay, buckle up your seat and get your eyes ready. Ok, we are going to have our own stickers. This is for as our trademark from Malaysian Boice when we send them the gifts. We'll stick the stickers on every item that we'll send to them. But to make it happens, we need some contributors. Contributors will receive few stickers too! Beside the official logo that we'll make it to stickers here are another design for the stickers..

Then, we are going to make a 1Love 1Malaysia for CNBLUE project! This is how you are going to join. Since we are living in a multiracial community, we would like you to show your love to our boys in your own language with your traditional clothes but it is still okay if you want to wear casual attire. Write an 'I Love You' words (remember in any language that you prefer) on any paper or just do it based on your creativity and take a picture of yourself holding it. You might want to dedicate that to all the boys or just on your bias or you might do both! Then send the pictures to us and we will compile them and send them on your behalf. So happy taking pictures!!

Any questions or interested to be our contributors just send us email at cnbluemalaysiafc@gmail.com

another masterpiece from both cutie twitter spazzer,
zatilainazaki & Rucci ~ XDD


Sara said...

waaaaa....i love this....
great idea admins..good job!!

sukaaaa sangat!!

mia said...

hey guys! great job here.. the designs are awesome!

zizie said...

great job guys!!! woo..

Sepet said...

loving the ideas XD
btw,i can send as many pictures i want or it's limited to some numbers?

xXrucciXx said...

yes, u can send as many as you want :)