Jung Yong Hwa & Lee Jung Shin baby Pictures

Yong hwa photo's

Jungshin Photo's


* omgeeee Jungshin so cute & Yonghwa too...really wanna pinch both of them*

Credit to : cnbluelove@tumblr
Posted by : haninie


jungrara said...

aww....yong hwa soooo chubby!!!

zizie said...

haha... so cute....

P a l e ~ said...

Looooooooool!, the Yonghwa mouth!

is the same ww

so cute ~

ah, my cute jungshin! <3

Anonymous said...

bitch my friend digs you

Anonymous said...

0M0 Iz he really jung hwa?? He was fatty in kid bt cute n nw he iz umumumumum wat 2 say i hav no words fr him