CnBlue Official Cheering Item "BLISH"

CnBlue finally presenting their first official cheering item called BLISH.The name Blish is a combination of the words Blue and Stylish which brings a meaning of an item to symbolized a stylish blue mania of Boice.

Kept in a zipped bag, the Blish is a glow in the dark banner and it came with the item's verified label. Blish without the label is a fake one!!

Price will be 8,000 won but unfortunately you can only buy Blish from the supporters during CnBlue's appearance in public broadcast. Will be available online soon so do look forward to it!! ^^

by: eiei129ou

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mayoungwoong_kAzAf said...

wow cant wait 2 have blish by own...hehe...Boice...let us keep support CNBLUE!!!!