CN Blue's 'shining' bare faces~

Male band C.N Blue members reveal their bare faces.

The photos revealing C.N Blue members’ bare faces were posted on SBS Power FM ‘Choi HwaJung’s PowerTime’ noticeboard on 5th June, garnering much interests from netizens.

The radio show production team commented, “Being a woman, I am speechless”, “Big eyes. Shining bare faces!”, “Are they really guys? How can they be so pretty?” etc.

Many netizens also commented, “This is the right time to use the phrase ‘self illuminate’”, “Let’s do skin management together”, “C.N Blue makes woman feel embarrassed” etc

wow~ their skin sooo nice~ *envious* XD

Credits : dkpopnews

Posted by : ahPei~


mayoungwoong_kAzAf said...

wow their barefaces...awesome daebak!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sara said...

cute giler!!!