[ BLOG + PHOTO] Yonghwa practice 27.07.2010


어제 찍은 용화군의 사진...
오늘 올려드리려고 준비중이었는데..
용화군에게 1등을 빼았겼네요...

그래도, 이왕 찍은 사진이니만큼
여러분들께 보내드립니다! ^^

용화군의 셀카와 함께
연습하는 모습도 감상해 주세요.

콘서트가 며칠 남지 않았습니다.
두근두근, 많이 기대해 주세요!


Hello ,

This is FNC MUSIC,

We took Yonghwa's photo yesterday ,

We were about to publish the photo that we took ,

but Yonghwa deleted it,

But now we take a better photo's

We publish it to everyone^^

it's a photo of Yonghwa practicing

We hope everyone is enjoy seeing this photo,

There only a few day's left before the concert..

Feel so excited..

Thank you!

Source       : blognaver/fncmusic1
Posted by   : haninie
Translation : haninie
(this is only rough translation..i'm still learning ^^)


minnie mouse said...

my Korean is still faraway from professional but isnt this phrase - `두근두근, 많이 기대해 주세요!` should be translated to

Duguun duguun, please expect a lot from us!

:) just telling what i know~

Anonymous said...

Yup u right..should be doogoon..doogoon..