[CONTEST] Design A T-Shirt

We need your idea/design for our own T-Shirt CNBlue Malaysian FanClub.

(Short Sleeve)
(T-Shirt color : Blue/Black/White)
*Use any color for the t-shirt template.

-Graphic Image/wording (front)
-Small graphic/wording (back near the collar)
-Small graphic/wording (left & right sleeve)

*this is the example of t-shirt template, we haven't decide to use V-neck, round-neck or collar-neck.

-Anyone can join this contest.
-Participants must 'Like' our facebook fan-page or follow our twitter. 
-1 participant can send only 2 designs.
-Winner will be chosen by voting system and admins decision.
-A winner will receive 1 free t-shirt of their own design and 1 CNBlue CD. (you can choose BlueLove or Bluetory)
-Deadline is on 11 July 2010 11.59pm.
-Send us your design at: cnbluemalaysiafc@gmail.com or cnblue_malaysiafc@yahoo.com

-If a non-domestic (not within Malaysia) winner is selected, the winner will be responsible for any costs involved in shipping overseas. Any overseas winner is responsible for any customs duties/taxes that may be applicable.



Liyana Lynn said...

sy xtahu mcm mana nak design tapi kalau pihak admin nak jual those tshirt after dapat pemenangnya, plz3 inform me.
at least i can support u guys by that way because i really dunno how to design.. T.T

アツランスキYDJ said...

well, may I noe what is actually CNBlue trademark?..

xXrucciXx said...

hi Liyana.. thanks for your effort..
semestinya kitorang akan bgtau bila projek/pertandingan ni berjaya nanti..heheh
stay tune for more info ya... :)

xXrucciXx said...

hi アツランスキYDJ..
trademark? what do u mean by that? u mean our logo?? or our tag-line??

Anonymous said...

hi there
this is my first time doing this so bear wit me :)
how big the design hav to be like 2x4 or sumthing?? i dun hav any special computer program to design the tshirt so is it ok if i juz like draw the whole thing from sketch n scan it n sent it to you guys??? gezz im really clueless but i really want to do it too. T.T

xXrucciXx said...

yes you can design in any way you can..
but i advice you before you send the design, put your design image on a t-shirt template for example like the picture given above... :)

Checkmate8 said...

hey! I just want to ask if do we really need to send the t-shirt? or could we just present a drawing of a shirt with the logo in it? Is that how it goes?

xXrucciXx said...

yes, only the design on a t-shirt template like the examples given above..

naLUVkpop said...

i missed this contest...sad :(
baru join this group yesterday, n found out bout this just now..
tak dpt join contezz ni dh...waaa...
neway, got the winner already?
nak tgk design nye..

xXrucciXx said...

the winner is not yet announce..
the design will be display by this week and all boices can vote which design is the best..

NURUL NADHIRAH @ JIMBET @ 62347 said...

may i know the admin of this blog

myralove said...

Hmmmm dah closed plak contest ni....Anyway nnt law dah jual sy nk beli...