Yong Hwa's Message For Everyone

Hi, I am CNBlue leader Yonghwa.

Sending my regards with such bad news, I apologize to all.
Firstly, to Boices who are worried for me, and to the rest of CNBlue members who are not able to present our hard work (music) to the audience because of me, to the staff of the broadcasting stations who have delayed the broadcasting because I am unable to attend the recording, to my FnC family who had been through the hardship with me ... all I can say now is SORRY SORRY and SORRY ...

Now, I am resting well in the hospital ~~~ so do not worry about me ㅠㅠ

The wish to do better than the first album is too big, it seems like it has caused this outcome. (I) have realized that this is due to my lack of recuperation/rest.

I should have rested well before the comeback , but I have prepared so much and wanted to present them to all to you.. but I had only presented this little in just one week ... my body seems so weak ... ㅋㅋ

Ah! Must take care of the health .. really!!

To all, please take care of your health!!

My parents are also at the hospital looking after me. (of cos sleeping 24 hours ,so only looking at me sleeping ^^; )

I am so happy to be with my parents whom I have not seen for a long time ~~ haha ..

So please do not worry about me .. and I am thankful to all Boices.

CNBlue and Boices must have good things happening every day from now on.

Please anticipate .. because … I am now working hard in learning music!!
Will fulfill all the things that is required!!
Will rest well … and soon will present Love love love ~~ Clap clap clap ~~to all
Please give us more love !!

Also, the fruits and food given to me, I have eaten well. Vitamins have come to me^^

Thank you to all!

BOICE Make me high!!

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taken from Korean Dream.

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Anonymous said...

hope he will fully recover soon..
cn blue fighting!!!