A Guide To Be An Official BOICE.

Have you already know that cnblue.co.kr has opened the registration to be the official members of BOICE??? Here is a quick guide on how to join the official fanclub brought to us by Chiara@wordpress. Many thanks Chiara!

Join cnblue.co.kr first. Use Internet Explorer browser to do so and remember to scan your ID card for authentication.
Pay 30,000 won to this account details. (Source: this account info was taken from an email response from F&C)
  • Bank name: WooRi Bank
  • Account holder name: Shin Song Yi
  • Account number: 1002-941-905676
  • Bank address : 1-203, Hoehyeon-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Bank phone number : (02)2002-3000
You can go to the bank or use internet banking if South Korea is one of the designated country list for overseas transfer at your bank. Remember to make scan/screencap of your payment.
  • Go to cnblue.co.kr and login with your username and password.
  • At the bottom right, click on this button.
  •  A new window will pop up which contains the information about the period of registration, the fee, and the benefits you will get as BOICE. Proceed to the next step by clicking this button at the bottom. 
  •  Here you need to review your information whether it’s correct or not. Use the link My Info to make adjustment. The most important part is highlighted by yellow. You need to upload the picture of your payment receipt. If you want to leave specific message, you can fill it in the very bottom box. Then click OK. You will get this window which tells you to wait for your application to be processed.

  • Wait for several days, in my case it’s 3 working days (probably because of the money transfer). Then please check the official site whether you can access the link BOICE (Fanclub) at the top right. I don’t get any notice/email but I can access that section now. Here is the preview:

Benefits as a BOICE
  • A membership card will be issued.
  • Access to BOICE section at cnblue.co.kr (you can see the link at the top right).
  • Priority of attending cnblue concerts/performances.
  • 10% discounts when purchasing goods online from FNC’s Site. (I still have to clarify this cause this kinda mean that they will selling stuff online.)
  • A chance to join concerts and music programs at Korea only. 
  • The membership will last for a year.
  • Two months before the expiration date, you can prolong the membership.
  • Annual fee may change in the future.

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Wanie said...

can we be official BOICE too ?

xXrucciXx said...

of course :)

Wanie said...

ouh . really ? so , can we use our IC ?

xXrucciXx said...

the answer all your questions stated in that post, read properly.. =)
yes, use you IC photo..