CNBLUE’s Comeback is Set!

Although CNBLUE’s leader Jung Yonghwa was diagnosed with vocal cord nodule last week, it looks like it won’t effect CNBLUE’s comeback date afterall!

According to FNC Music, they will be making sure to give Jung Yonghwa a light schedule for the first few weeks of CNBLUE’s comeback so that his vocal cord nodule does not get worse.

FNC Music stated, “While we were finishing up [CNBLUE's] new music, Jung Yonghwa was diagnosed with vocal cord nodule. Fortunately, he is recovering quicker than we thought so we have been given the OK sign from the doctors for him to continue singing. … We are going as planned to keep our promises made with the fans. But to protect the artist’s health, the amount of the group’s activities will be reduced for the first few weeks.”

As a result, the boys will be making their comeback on the 19th! But before they release their new title track on the 19th, they will be releasing another track, which is composed by Jung Yonghwa himself, on the 10th to get the fans fired up.

Credit: Allkpop

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