NOTICE From F&C Music ...Re-Name CNBlue Fan Club

This is FNC Music.

Regarding the fanclub naming that took place in March,
There were a lot different opinions from many fans.

The ideas that were chosen for the first round all had the word BLUE in them,
And there were many opinions from people that they didn't was the BLUE in the name.

Because of this, we will be looking for new fanclub names without the word BLUE.
Since it will be the fanclub that you will be in
We are trying our best to fulfill your requests
So we hope there will be a lot ideas without the word BLUE.

[Registration Time]

2010.04.09 ~ 11th at 6 PM

[ Information for Registration ]

- Title: Fanclub name/ your name/ your mobile phone number
- Content : ① Your Name
② Your mobile phone number
③ Fanclub name
④ Fanclub name's meaning
- Send Email To :

[How it will be chosen]

- A total of 5 common ideas will be chosen
- From the 5 chosen, through voting the final 3 will be chosen
- Finally, from the final 3 names with the word BLUE and 3 chosen through this voting will be up for the final voting with the FNCMUSIC STAFF and CNBLUE

- If the title and the contact is wrong, you are disqualified.
- Please clearly write the fanclub's name and meaning.
- Watch our for the registration time period.
- We will not receive any question emails.

The fanclub name for CNBLUE
Please make it with your wonderful ideas.

We will be waiting for the wonderful ideas from CNBLUE fans.

Thank you.
Translated by: aoistars @ CodeAzzurro


~FYDA~ said...

sounds fun! i want to join!

xXrucciXx said...

give us some suggestions.. ^_^

~FYDA~ said...

ermm,how about territory? the first album is blutory, right?
We are CN Blue's Territory.

xXrucciXx said...

Territory sounds cool...