[NEWS] Jung Yonghwa diagnosed with Vocal Cord Nodule.

CNBLUE’s leader Jung Yonghwa has been diagnosed with vocal cord nodules.

Jung Yonghwa’s agency, FNC Music expressed, “During the recording of Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate on 21st April, Jung Yonghwa said his throat felt weird so we took him to the hospital where he was diagnosed with vocal cord nodules.”

Vocal cord nodules are small growths on the vocal cords that occur due to high levels of stress on the vocal cords (similar to a callus on the hand).

They are commonly referred to as the singer’s nodule. Symptoms include a breathy voice and a hoarse throat.
At the rehearsal recording for Chocolate, Jung Yonghwa repeatedly said that he felt his vocalization was off and that his throat felt weird.

An official said, “The first steps we have to take do not include surgery, the only thing the doctor recommended was that Jung Yonghwa take a break from all activities including CNBLUE’s new album.”

The representative also stated that the nodule was found at a very early stage and should be easily treated with some rest and relaxation. CNBLUE’s original plans for a May comeback will now be slightly delayed as a result.

Thankfully the sickness is not serious and Jung Yonghwa will be back soon. We wish him a fast and safe recovery.

Credit: allkpop

Get well soon YongHwa!!
I guess all of them should take a break... My boys, please take care and focus on your health. Noona will wait for you ^_^


UknoWana said...

alamak... dongseng saket...xpa2 rest dlu, 4 time being kasi itu lee jonghyun nyanyi... :)

Lilian said...

Take care oppa! Get well soon =)