[NEWS] CN Blue have consecutively Sold-out Performances in Japan!

4 member rock band, CN Blue have been rocking out in Japan and have been enjoying successful consecutive sold-out performances.

Last month, CN Blue spent 20 days in Japan, have been busy promoting their first album, ‘Thank U’ which have been receiving a lot of love wherever they went. With the launching of Tokyo’s Shibuya Club Quattro, CN Blue’s live and open performance was seen as all-sold-out event. Followed on, on the 16th, CN Blue once again performed at Tokyo’s Ebisu Liquid Room for another live and open encore performance; which tickets were sold out as soon as they are open, proving their popularity in Japan.

According to sites like Yahoo! Japan, auction sites lists the price of their performance tickets at a starting price of 4,500 yen (equivalent to $48 USD), which cost almost to a 10 times more than a usual ticket price would cost.

Meanwhile, lead singer and guitarist of CN Blue, Jung Yong Hwa, who is a household name, due to his popularity in hit drama “You’re Beautiful” was seen to have received much love and popularity from local viewers through broadcasting channel KNTV, which ended last February.

source: Kyeongin

credits and trans: kpophermes shared by: cnbluestorm.com

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