[Fan Account] Encore Live Concert - Japan part 2

Short report of Apr.16 concert from Japanese fans:

While singing 'Never too late', the string of Yong Hwa's guitar broke, so he went out of stage.
So, Jung Shin did some speech in poor Japanese, then Jong Hyun sang 3 songs which was not supposed to be.
1st song was I'm yours (Jason Mraz), 2nd song is Umbrella, 3rd is unknown.
Finally Yong Hwa came out but without guitar. They sang Geek in the pink.
Then Yong Hwa's guitar came back, but he forgot to plug in, Jung Shin said, "Hyung, you didn't plug in".

A Japanese fan wrote in her review: (seems she has been in Korean idols' concerts a lot)
"Recenly I have been many luxurious concerts of Big Bang, DBSK, etc. Their stage was so gorgeous.
But today, CNBLUE's stage was so simple, just some lights and musical instruments.
No synthesizer, no sound effect. Only I could hear was their song and playing.
There was no VTR at interval time, they didn't change clothes.
No MC who wastes precious concert time, only four members on the stage from beginning to the end.
It's simple but great pleasure to the audience.
It was like a natural food, not Italian or French style of cooking. I could taste the raw material."

Another Japanese fan's review: (seems old fan of them from their trainee days)
"Not long after the beginning, Yong Hwa's passionate playing broke his guitar string. The concert was stopped.
But they had became matured unbelievably.
Jung Shin explained in Japanese and Jong Hyun sang songs. It was great present to fans.
'I'm a loner' burning version was longer than Mar.20 concert. Min Hyun said,"Burning version of Mar.20 was not completed, today it's a real full version. You guys liked it so much at previous concert, so we made it."
And they also played 'I am a loner' lovely version. Jong Hyun said, "To perform a song in various ways is a big advantage and pleasure of being a band. That's why we play band music.
Wow when did they become this real grown-up?! "

Jong Hyun gave his pick to fan, it's not CNBLUE pick.

Apr.16 Song list

01. Intro
02. Let's Go Crazy
03. Love Revolution
04. Wanna Be Like U
Yong Hwa's speech
05. Never too late - Yong Hwa's string broke
Jung Shin's speech
(Jong Hyun sings I'm Yours, Umbrella, one more unknown song with acoustic guitar.)
06. Geek in the pink - Yong Hwa without guitar.
07. Now or Never (Eng + Kor)
08. voice
09. Just Please
10. New Shoes (Paolo Nutini)
11. Inside of You (HOOBASTANK) - Jong Hyun and Yong Hwa
12. I'm a loner (Burning Rock Ver. Full)
Min Hyuk's speech
13. Let's Get it Started
14. Y, Why
15. Teardrops in the Rain
Yong Hwa's speech
16. One of a kind (one fan fainted, Yong Hwa stopped singing, then sang again)
17. I'm a loner (Lovely version, 1 minute long)
18. Wherever You Will Go
19. a.ri.ga.tou

credit: saturn@soompi

note: bahasa melayu translation will coming soon~
p/s: hope my partner can make trans asap!

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